The Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts (TAPA) is pleased to announce auditions for their first production of 2024, the thriller DIAL M FOR MURDER, written by Frederick Knott. Director Robert Buckingham will be holding the auditions on October 21st & 22nd at 2:00 PM at the Barn Community Playhouse at 12th and Ivy in Tillamook. This play has a cast of one woman in her 30’s/40’s, three men in their 30’s/40’s and one man in his 50’s/60’s. Performances of DIAL M FOR MURDER will run weekends February 2nd-February 18th.

Tony Wendice has married his wife, Margot, for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder, or so he thinks. He blackmails a scoundrel by the name of Lesgate, someone he knew in while attending school. Unfortunately, the murderer gets murdered, and the victim survives. However, that’s not the end of this tangled web as Tony tries to use this to his advantage. Luckily, Police Inspector Hubbard and Max, a man deeply in love with Margot, want to uncover the real truth, which culminates in a scene of almost unbearable suspense as they attempt to trap Tony into revealing his guilt in order to free Margot. Will any of it work, or has Tony outsmarted them all? The film DIAL M FOR MURDER was made famous by director Alfred Hitchcock, and the play still stands up today as one of the best stage thrillers ever written.

Robert has directed 12 other plays for TAPA and his very first was also a suspense/thriller. He is delighted to return to the genre and is excited to host auditions for prospective cast members. He welcomes newcomers as well as veterans of the stage. Audition packets can be downloaded here, but packets will also be available at the auditions. If you’d like to have an audition packet emailed to you, please contact us at or call us at 503-812-0275.

DIAL M FOR MURDER is sponsored by CASA LUNA WINERY of Lake Oswego.