Starlite Academy

The Starlite Academy Children’s Theater Camp
The Wicked Prince by Bob Johnson
Directed by Ann Harper
Matinees on Saturday July 29 and Sunday July 30 at 2:00PM. Tickets are $5.00 and will be available at the door.
About the play…
After being disowned by his kind parent, “The Wicked Prince,” (yes that’s his name), decides that he will become king of four other kingdoms by making four different princesses fall in love with him and marry him. With the help of his not-so-funny jester and a bottle of love potion, Wicked Prince sets out on a slamming doors farce of an adventure in an attempt to become king of Kingdoms One, Two, Three & Four. Needless to say, things don’t turn out as he expects them to.
This royalty-free play is part of a fantastic collection of plays for kids and teens on Drama Notebook. Visit their site at
The entire cast and some crew members are children who are participating in TAPA’s 2023 Starlite Academy week-long children’s theater camp. They will be performing The Wicked Prince as a melodrama. Respectful audience participation in the form of cheers for those who deserve them, boos for those who warrant them, lots of laughs for the funny parts, and oral responses to the questions actors ask is highly recommended. This show is family friendly so bring the grandparents and the little ones for an afternoon of fun.
General admission tickets will be sold at the door without reservations. Each seat will cost $5, no matter how young or old you are. The door to the theater will open at 1:30PM with the play beginning at 2:00PM. The concession stand will be open before each performance with limited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for sale.

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