On June 11, 2010 TAPA presented the production of the American farce Sex Please We’re Sixty, written by Michael Parker & Susan Parker, directed by Chris Chiola & produced by Val Braun.

Somewhere in New England is Mrs. Stancliffe’s Rose Cottage Bed and Breakfast. Sandra Koops played Mrs. Stancliffe who runs a prim and proper place, but her next-door neighbor “Bud the Stud” Davis, played by Bill Briot, has become renowned among the female guests for his successful amorous pursuits despite being a bit long in the tooth. He claims responsibility for the success of the bed & breakfast, believing that the ladies return year after year to see him. Mrs. Stancliffe is intolerant of Bud’s hanky-panky, but reluctantly agrees that he is good for business. Al Johnson played neighbor Henry Mitchell who has proposed to her every afternoon for twenty years. He has developed Venusia, a pill to increase the libido in menopausal women, but refuses to test it on moral grounds. Bud calls him “a stick in the mud” (and he probably is). Sylvia Johnson played Hillary Hudson, an old friend and colleague of Henry’s who agrees to test his Venusia pill and warms to Bud’s intentions, but is it the Venusia or Bud’s charm? Kimber Lundy played Victoria Ambrose, a renowned author of steamy romantic novels and Kelli McMellon played Charmaine Beauregard, the quintessential southern belle, who is definitely at the B&B for Bud the Stud.

Audiences loved this hilarious farce, played to perfection by our delightful cast. Everyone in attendance received a complimentary vile of our version of Venusia (Tic-Tac breath mints)!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this production!

Bill Briot – Bud “the Stud”
Al Johnson – Henry Mitchell
Sylvia Johnson – Hillary Hudson
Sandra Koops – Mrs. Stancliffe
Kimber Lundy – Victoria Ambrose
Kelli McMellon – Charmaine Beauregard
Curtis Holmes – Stage Manager
Bruce DeLoria – Lights & Sound
Chris Chiola – Director
Val Braun – Producer




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