Memory Lane with The Lion In Winter

On January 21, 2015, Christian Chiola and Joni Sauer-Folger were on the front page of the Headlight Herald for our production of The Lion In Winter, written by James Goldman and directed by Kelli McMellon. Starring in this production were Mark Johnson (Henry), Joni Sauer-Folger (Eleanor), Chris Chiola (Richard), Sid Givens (Geoffrey), Riley Peterson (John), Liz Tosch (Alais), Steele Fleisher (King Philip of France).
The Lion in Winter is comedic in tone and dramatic in action. The play tells the story of the Plantagenet family who are locked in a free-for-all of competing ambitions to inherit a kingdom. The queen, and wealthiest woman in the world, Eleanor of Aquitaine, has been kept in prison since raising an army against her husband, King Henry II. Let out only for holidays, the play centers around the inner conflicts of the royal family as they fight over both a kingdom, as well as King Henry’s paramour during the Christmas of 1183. As Eleanor says, “every family has its ups and downs,” and this royal family is no exception.
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