Auditions for “Chicken Creek Diaries” a musical

This is based on a true story called “Tisha” by Robert Specht and adapted by an Oregonian, Marilyn Allenwho also wrote the music and lyrics. The story takes place primarily in the years 1927 and 1928 in Chicken, Alaska, a frontier settlement in gold-mining territory, not far fromthe heart of the Klondike gold-rush.

Anne Hobbs, a young girl of 19 encouraged by her Granny to go to a “new land”, arrives in the Alaska bush as a school teacher. She seeks adventure and a new life, finding this and more,falling in love with a “half-breed” Eskimo, a forbidden love for a young white girl in the 1920’s of this Alaska town. Though marriages between white men and Indian or Eskimo women are common, the reverse is not. The distraught citizenry are vigorously opposed to this unfolding romance as well as to Anne’s efforts to adopt two “half-breed” Indian Children. Their disapproval is expressed through angry letters to the commissioner of Education, vicious gossip, verbal and physical abuse, and downright deceit.

Anne learns that the freedoms offered by a new developing country engender not only a “big-heartedness” she has not yet experienced, but also the opposite, allowing people to be “as mean as theywant”. Her growing love for the country, however, and one person in particular, is stronger than any hardships endured through Alaskan winters and the barbs of bigoted townsfolk. Anne will not be defeated and this is her story.

We need 15 adults, (8 males, 7 females), ranging in age from20 years and up and 8 children ages 8 to 16. Some have solos. A cast list will be at the local libraries, and also in the entry at The Barn Community Playhouse in Tillamook, Oregon, located at 12 . & Ivy. Please come prepared to sing unless you want a part that does not include singing. The music is quite simple and of a country western style.

Performances are August 19, 20, 26, 27, 28 and September 2 and 3, 2011. The auditions will be held at The United Methodist Church located on 12 . St. Tillamook,Oregon, Friday, May 20 – 6:00-8:00 p.m. and on Saturday, May 21, 1:00 – 3:00. For further information please contact the director,Wally Nelson, hm. 503-392-3454 or cell 503-812-1163 or producer, Val Braun, hm. 503-842-6264 or cell 503-812-1167.

Cast of Characters

Anne Hobbs-A young school teacher who comes to Alaska for a new life sings 20-30 years.
Granny Hobbs-her grandmother, a full-blooded Indian will also play another older lady role 50 years and up sings.
Walter Strong-Runs the pack train between Eagle and Chicken, Alaska courtly-mannered 40 years and up.
Chuck Temple-Good-natured Indian half-breed boy sings 8 years to 13.
Mary Angus-Chuck’s mother, an Indian sings 30 to 40 years old.
Ethyl Temple-Mary’s daughter 8 10 years.
Joe Temple-Chuck’s father, very handsome, educated miner, 30 to 40 sings.
Fred Purdy-“Half-breed” Eskimo, 20-30 years sings.
Isabelle Purdy-His sister sings – 20-30 years.
Mrs. Purdy-Their mother an Eskimo.
Maggie Carew-No-nonsense keeper of the roadhouse sings 40 years and up.
Angela Barrett-Sharp-tongued, bitter older woman 40 years and up.
Mr. Vaughn-A bigoted, hot-tempered man 40 years and up.
Elvira Vaughn-Mr. Vaughn’s daughter 10-15 years.
Evelyn Vaughn-Mr. Vaughn’s daughter – Student 12-16 years.
Uncle Arthur-Spratt Old-time miner 40 years and up sings.
Mert Atwood-Old miner, who loves the sea 40 years and up sings.
Jimmy Carew-Young boy 8-10 years.
Rebecca Harrington-Indian woman married to a white man 30 40 years.
Jake Harrington-Rebecca’s husband 30-40 years.
Lily Harrington-Rebecca and Jake’s daughter 8-10 years.
Nancy Prentiss-Student in her teens.
Cabaret Jackson- Whiskey runner, 40 years and up.
Robert Meriweather-Student, 11-14 years.