Auditions: Suitehearts

Now is your chance to take the stage in an exciting comedy that has been delighting audiences for almost 40 years!
The Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts (TAPA) is holding auditions for the production of Suitehearts, a comedy written by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore.  This production will be directed by Chris Chiola.  Van Zandt and Milmore both achieved their fame as writers and actors in many plays and television shows such as Newhart, while Chiola has been acting, directing and producing at TAPA for over ten years.
Experience is not necessary, and newcomers are encouraged to audition.  TAPA is a non-profit volunteer organization where learning and growth are fostered.
The play opens on Timothy and Elizabeth Taylor, from Pennsylvania, checking into a ritzy
New York hotel suite for their honeymoon.  As Elizabeth goes into the bedroom to ready herself for her first night with her nervous new husband, Timothy goes off with the Herman (the Bellman) to work out a “problem” that has arisen.  The “problem” is that the hotel has double booked the honeymoon suite and the “problem” is on its way up to the room.  The “problem”, Frankie and Wanda Bellamy an older couple from New Jersey, show up at the honeymoon suite but find the room already occupied by a young woman ready to fling herself on the man in the room.  When Elizabeth realizes that the man in the room isn’t her husband Timothy, she flees back into the bedroom.  Timothy and the Herman return, and the showdown begins.  Both couples fight for who will get the suite, and then who gets what bride all while the Bellman makes a killing on gouging both couples. 
Who gets the room?  Who gets which bride?  Who gets to punch the Bellman? This fast moving comedy is filled with one liners, site gags and pure enjoyment.  Watch as Timothy grows into a man, Elizabeth learns about trust, Frankie learns to respect women and Wanda learns to respect herself.
TAPA is looking for actors to play the following roles:
Elizabeth Taylor – a young newlywed from Pennsylvania unsure about her first night with her new husband hoping the boy she married can become the man she needs.
Timothy Taylor – her young and nervous new husband also from Pennsylvania who has to consult his “sex manual” for instructions.  He desperately wants to please his new wife and become the man he needs to be.
Frankie Bellamy – a pseudo-swinger from New Jersey with an open shirt and gold chains, macho in looks only.  Can he overcome his lack of respect for women and his new wife Wanda?
Wanda Bellamy –Frankie’s new wife.  Peroxide blonde and cheap-looking on the outside, but full of love and affection on the inside.  Her main desire is to find the respect for herself that she can’t get from Frankie.
Herman the Bellman – quick witted and ready to make an extra buck
Auditions will be held December 8th & 9th from 3-5 pm both days at the Tillamook County Library main branch at Third and Stillwell in Tillamook.  Rehearsals will start in January and the production runs March 9-25th.   
Audition packets are available here: Suitehearts Aud Packet and will be available at the front counter of the Tillamook County Library in Tillamook, or by contacting Chris Chiola at (503) 842-6305.  If you cannot make the rehearsal times but are interested, please contact Chris.