TAPA to Offer Workshop and Production of THE CAVE DWELLERS, Led and Directed by George Dzundza

“An Adventure in Acting Workshop”

TAPA (Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts) is pleased to announce it is offering an acting workshop to be led by George Dzundza; noted film, stage, and television actor. Dzundza recently concluded a successful class with Tillamook Bay Community College. During the course of that class, Mr. Dzundza realized that a better way to share his knowledge and experience in the craft of acting would be to take a cast and crew through the entire process of preparation and into the production of a specific play. To that end, Dzundza has with TAPA’s cooperation chosen the play The Cave Dwellers by William Saroyan.

The time frame of the workshop will span the next year and a half. According to Dzundza, “The learning of a craft takes time; you don’t become a carpenter without practice. In the preparation process there will be homework to do, experiments to try, and meetings to attend. In so doing, we will be able to clarify what was learned on the way to the actual production. It will be a journey of exploration, adventure, and discovery.”

Meeting with Mr. Dzundza will begin in mid-June 2010 and progress at a varied and relaxed schedule, moving in September 2011 to a more traditional rehearsal schedule. Tentative performance dates are November 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 and December 2 and 3, 2011.

Admission into the workshop is by invitation only. Mr. Dzundza will hold interviews with workshop applicants to outline the aims and objectives of the workshop and to ascertain their individual willingness to commit to this project. There is no cost for participation in the workshop. Mr. Dzundza’s intention is to “share his knowledge and experience with those individuals who are interested, committed, and dedicated to learning and developing a system of acting for themselves.”

To obtain a copy of the registration form, click here or for more information contact Mary Hanthorn at 503-842-5406, 503-842-5566, 503-801-0759, or mhanthorn@earthlink.net.